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[版面:视频游戏][首篇作者:Lorgar] , 2019年06月14日04:05:09 ,370次阅读,1次回复
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发信人: Lorgar (Lorgar), 信区: TVGame
标  题: 建立了一个游戏WeChat群,有兴趣可以看看。
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Jun 14 04:05:09 2019, 美东)


Adeptus Console&PC Amoenus

It isn’t good for man to be alone.
---Gensis 2:18

In theory, this group focus on all kinds of games. Steam, XBOX, PS, Switch.
In reality, we pretty much discuss everything that is interesting and not
offending to other people. You may want to say, hi, I have already added
many gaming groups, so why bother another one? Well, the average age of this
group’s user is 30, so if you are fan of old RPG games then you will find
yourself home. Oh, and you can use any language you want in this group.
French, Russia, English, Elves, Orcs, do not limit yourself. You will always
find another guy happy to chatter you with. So why don’t you just jump in
and let us have a good time.


Adeptus Warhammer Lexicanum
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war...and the
everlasting laughter of Dark Gods.
This WeChat group is designed for 40K Lore oriented discussion, including
but not limited to Horus Heresy, God Emperor of Mankind, 10 Good Reasons to
Join Chaos Now, codex discussion, is Lion secretly a traitor, Primaris Space
Marines, why 1d4chan is the best warhammer wikia and more. And for history
reasons, this group is English only discussion group.

Adeptus Cthulhu Deum
With strange eons, even death itself may die.

This WeChat group is designed for Cthulu Mythos related materials, anything
that please the Old Ones are welcome here. Including but not limited to
Lovecraft, Bloodborne, human sacrifice, cult and the insignificance of
mankind. Did I just say cult? Sorry by cult I mean study group.

Adeptus SCP Obscurum
Order is to be discarded like a humanoid melting like clams on the breakfast
table. Order is the way of villains. True good is the formless void,
melting and writhing and corrupting. You happy yet?
This WeChat group is designed for SCP universe discussion. Who does not like
Sci Fiction horror? Yes, I mean horror. In my humble opinion, the key
reason for SCP’s popularity is because it touches our inner fear. There
will be some controversial materials in this group, view discretion is
advised. You have been warned, foundation researcher.

Lingua Latin Primogenitor

I speak in Latin to God, Italian to Women, French to Men, and German to my
---Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Actually homie, I speak Hebrew…but never mind. Whatever.
--- Probably God, or not.

The group focuses on the language that Roman Empire and Imperium of Man so
fond of. Latin. Whether you want to broad up your vocabulary , understand
medical prescriptions, a future JD student or you simply love Latin. Welcome
to Lingua Latin Primogenitor, learning Latin is an arduous and rewarding
journey. Let us stay in packs.

Lingua Hebrew YehiyOr

One who had escaped came and reported this to Abram the Hebrew
---Genesis 14:13
And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech, and one console,
which is Xbox because dualshock controller is too light weighted LOL.
---Genesis 11.1

You know, if you want to sound like a fancy pro, Latin and Greek should be
enough for you. So why torturing yourself leaning Hebrew? Either you are a
fan of Bible or you actually come from Israel. Anyway, welcome to Lingua
Hebrew YehiyOr (light exists) where we study both Ancient Hebrew and Modern

Ordo Christianity Vulgate

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow: the more knowledge, the more grief.
---Ecclesiates 1:18

The group does not fall into different denominations like real life
Christianity. Actually this group is quite diverse, the discussion topics
composed of not only Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox but also
agnosticism and atheism. And we also share memes. Yes, we believe humor
could make us all humble. We hope the cozy yet not frivolous atmosphere will
aslo suite you well. Ahem.

Ordo Neo-Taoism Ex Nihilo

One produces two, two produces three, three produces everything…but maybe
not the Old Ones.
---Lao Zi

If I will use one word to describe Tao, and I will chose the word Apotheosis
. Seriously, those guys are dope.
---Jesus Christ, circa unknown.

From the void they come…no, we are not talking about the eldritch gods (or
do we?). We are talking the primordial religion that exist before the human
culture…or at least that’s what Taoist claim. In this group, we use both
English and Chinese to discuss Taoism and its myriad rituals, occult
practice, pursuing of immortality. And with it, maybe we will renew the
cosmos, just like old times.

Schola Physics Magnum Opus

If all the genius at Wall Street stop creating more financial engineering “
inventions” and go back to physics academics. Not only they will discover
more secrets of the universe, but they will also discover the housing
mortgage is higher than they thought.

God does not play dice.

Don’t tell me what to do homie, I am the real OG, I do what I like.
---The Big G Himself.

This group is a academic discussion group, the minimum requirement will be
Ph.D. student or at least have passed the Ph.D. candidate test, but then
exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. String theory, quantum
mechanics, particle physics, how to get tenure position, CFA, should I stay
in US or just come back and memes. Welcome honored doctor, welcome to the

Schola Mathematics Keter

Mathematics is the puzzle left by God.
---Archangel Seraphim

Then God is a sick genius.
---By me. ( I am so sorry…)

This group is a academic discussion group, the minimum requirement will be
Ph.D. student or at least have passed the Ph.D. candidate test, but then
exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. We discuss everything
about math because math is everything. Math is the beginning and then end.
Math is Alpha and Omega. We also hope not that many future bright stars will
divide into hedge fund for that will be a loss for the humanity. Oh, and we
share inside jokes and memes.

If you are interested, please add “XiaoyangTangWX”in WeChat.
Let us talk and see what happens.
Thanks for your time.

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发信人: Lorgar (Lorgar), 信区: TVGame
标  题: Re: 建立了一个游戏WeChat群,有兴趣可以看看。
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Sep  6 04:35:50 2019, 美东)



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